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Cowzi travel pillow


The cowzi is an innovative travel pillow that allows you to relax in the most comfortable position while traveling. Its orignal shape avoids the discomforts of classic travel pillows.

The cowzi original travel pillow set includes:

  • an adjustable torso pillow easy and quick to inflate (2-3 breath);
  • an arm pillow easy and quick to inflate (2-3 breath) with an integrated storage space;
  • a connecting and adjustment plate;
  • a comfortable and washable cotton collar;
  • and a well manufactured and practical soft touch bag to store your cowzi and all small travel accessories.


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Manufacturing process and warranty

cowzi is made up of multiple parts. The manufacturing process involves the cooperation of several suppliers. Delays can’t be completely ruled out, especially under special circumstances like the current pandemic. We take all possible measures to minimize this risk.

Shipping: Delivery time will vary depending on the region and location we’re shipping to. While we make every effort to ensure prompt delivery, some delays might be beyond our control during the shipping process.

Defective products: while we take every measure to ensure a perfect product, no production process is 100% perfect. Should you receive a defective product, please contact us at once and we’ll send you a replacement. Thank you for your understanding if we don’t reply immediately but rest assured that we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


The quick and easy COWZI unpacking

Additional information

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Dimensions 30 × 6 × 20 cm

19 reviews for Cowzi travel pillow

  1. Horace

    My merchandise arrived as ordered and in good shape. I am looking forward to trying my new travel pillow out on the 11 hour flight I am taking.

  2. Bruno

    Wir sind begeistert von unserem cowzi.
    Die lange Zufahrt nach Berlin verging wie im Flug. Wir hoffen, es bald auf einem long-distance Flug ausprobieren zu können. Ich habe gerade ein zweites bestellt.

  3. Eléonore

    Du matériel d’excellente qualité, tellement vite gonflé, puis dégonflé et rangé.. Super pratique près de la fenêtre: droite ou de côté, j’ai dormi comme dans mon lit !

  4. Aeberhard

    Super pratique !

  5. Jean-Marie

    – same size as a paperback book
    – quality of the holding bag
    – a useful pocket to store items needed quickly (passport, phone etc) when inflated

    – best to sit next to the window (or in the center of the plane) when inflated, otherwise people might be disturbed
    – to make the most of it you need a surface in front of your Cowzi (like the airplane seat)

    I bought my Cowzi in the Fall of 2021 (as an early buyer), and I already used it four times.
    The first time was a flight from Geneva to Moscow (and return). It was useful not only during the flight, but also waiting at the airport (I arrived quite early). People looked at me funnily, but I didn’t care.
    During the flight, I talked about the Cowzi with my neighbour, he seemed interested.

    The second flight was to Stockholm just before Christmas. I didn’t use it when going there, but coming back it was very useful as I had to catch up with my sleep!
    I was sitting all the way in the back of the plane and the person in front of me moved his seat a couple of times, but I did not inflate my Cowzi to 100%. The movements in front didn’t disturb me too much and I slept quite well!
    I didn’t fall on my neighbour in my sleep, and didn’t have any neck pain from resisting it 😉

  6. Jonas Fricht

    Grâce au Cowzi on trouve toujours une position agréable pour chaque besoin.

  7. Bonjour Sonia

    De muy buena calidad, confortable y resistente. Lo recomiendo para viajar y llegar reposados.

  8. Marc Escher (verified owner)

    Bought 2 cowzis for our flight trip, worked perfect for a relaxing travel.

  9. Loïs

    Idée génial et super pratique et confortable !’

  10. Mia

    Merci cowzi pillow !! Super pratique et on arrive bien reposé à destination. J’adore !!

  11. Antoine Hötinger

    J’ai acheté cowzi pour un voyage en famille et mes filles étaient ravies. Elles, qui ont toujours mal au dos n’ont rien eu cette fois ci. Au top

  12. Nicolas Kissling

    The best travel pillow ever!

  13. Manu

    Un vrai bonheur de voyager avec son Cowzi…. Bien reposé et pas de douleur.
    Le top merci COWZI….

  14. Vidal

    Very good product. Good price for this quality!

  15. Julie

    Thanks a lot cowzi pillow! I got mine just on time for Christmas and tested it on my first journey back home. Great experience!

  16. Simon

    Travelling long-distance got so much easier and more comfortable with the cowzi. I bought a set for the whole family and it is the ideal travel companion. It is cool, easy to inflate and you arrive relaxed at your destination. Highly recommended !

  17. Céline P.

    Received my pillow in under 1 week, its great quality really surprised. Can’t wait to try it during my next train travel 🙂

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