Traveling is much more than just moving from a point A to a point B. Whilst fulfilling this primary mission, it is
also, and especially, a way of freedom, of who we want to be and above all, a way to escape the daily routine
of our lives. We deserve to enjoy the whole traveling process, not only the destination!

Because pictures says more than 1000 words!

the only efficient, comfortable and adjustable inflatable travel pillow on the market!

Thanks to its unique multiple pieces concept, cowzi can be adjusted in seconds to almost any body size.
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cowzi's features


cowzi can be adjusted to nearly all body size thanks to it's ingenious connecting system.


You have a whole new world of comfort for a small amount of money.


cowzi allow the complete upper body to relax, in the same way as a seating massage support.


The face collar can be removed easily to be washed using a gentle program (30°) or by hand.

Discover cowzi

The cowzi travel pillow packs a load of practical advantages that no other product has to offer :

Practical elegant and versatile

We live in a world full of technology where everything around us has been developed to help us feel comfortable. We have taken our product to technical extremes to contribute to your well-being, providing you with the best accessory for your journeys.

cowzi, the flexible and elegent travel pillow

ergonomically approved

cowzi's design is based on the principle of a massage table

adapted to any morphology

Adaptable to everybody

2 years warranty

Your satisfaction is our priority

Our positive reviews speak from themselves

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