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Traveling abroad has always been a source of freedom, happiness, nourishment for our memories and an active part of our lives.

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Our Story

As we all know, it can be very hard to rest and enjoy the journey, whether it is by plane, train, bus or by car. The idea of a revolutionary project has suddenly popped in our head. Why not develop a technically advanced accessory that could highly improve the quality of our rest during plane rides?

Nowadays, traveling is much more than just moving from a point A to a point B. Whilst fulfilling this primary mission, it is also, and especially, a way of freedom, of who we want to be and above all, a way to escape the daily routine of our lives. We deserve to enjoy the whole traveling process, not only the destination!

cowzi is the solution that allows the upper body to relax completely thanks to the 3-points-support-principle (head-torso-arms), whereas neck pillows do not provide support for the upper body. cowzi was especially designed to be used on buses, airplanes or trains. In fact, anywhere there is a seat and a tablet in front of you. cowzi will definitely Increase your comfort and avoid muscle pain during your next trips less than the price of one upgrade to economy plus ! 

“We put our knowledge and energy to make you feel at ease.”

Georges / Founder


So why cowzi?

As a product fully developed and designed in Switzerland, we wanted it to have a Swiss touch. We all know the expression to be cozy. Our product is in the fact cozy, but we played with the word cow, a highly symbolic animal here in Switzerland, and the word cozy. So, the idea cowzi naturally came up and was adopted.

More than just a travelling pillow, the product should open the door to a whole new customer experience. We wanted to really embrace it and create an ecosystem. The last step to complete this, as our cowzi was now ready, was the packaging.

We created a practical and elegant storage bag, to easily put your cowzi pillow in, so as other important essentials of your trip as passports, cell phones and so on. Once your storage bag is ready, just easily clip it around your suitcase, or even on your backpack, with the help of our little mounting clip.

All your belonging in one place, no fear to lose any items during the hectic security check at the airport.

We are now ready and happy to introduce you cowzi and welcome you in our wonderful universe.

You don’t know it yet, but this product will soon be an evidence and unavoidable for your trips.

Are you ready to be part of the pioneering role that the cowzi will have?

We surely are.


Based on a proved morphologic principle.


The two parts pillow system allow nearly all relaxing and sleeping positions.

Easy to carry

The practical and well dimensioned bag allow a safe and quick storage of your pillow.


The complete set weights only 600 grams.

Easy to use

While the “lean foward” position is not common, yet for travel accessories, our notice of use will allow you to immediately take advantage of your cowzi.


We took all necessary steps to keep this highly technically developped pillow to the same price level as other competitor product.

Frequently asked questions

Simply pull your cowzi out of its bag, inflate the two parts and lay your cowzi on the front tablet and against the front seat. If you need to adjust the height, detach the torso pillow, and simply place it at the correct height.  You can also make yourself more comfortable by inflating more or less the two inflatable parts. Once you’ve enjoyed your rest, just open both valves, fold the cowzi and insert it in its bag. Your adjustment of the height will remain valid for the next use. The comfortable cotton collar can be easily removed to be washed. For more detail simply scan the qr code for the demonstration video, first use and assembly and how to reuse and store the cowzi.

Yes, your cowzi doesn’t contain any metal or sharp parts and won’t alert the security check.

Our cowzi is designed to be inflated and deflated and stored in seconds to avoid any inconvenience with regards to other passengers. In our opinion, the use of cowzi will increase the number of satisfied and relaxed passengers which is one of the flight attendants’ first focus.

Yes, the cowzi is designed to be used comfortably with the front seat is in any position.

Your cowzi will automatically adapt its angle to follow the front seat’s angle.

You may wake up, or not, as the angle of your cowzi will change. For having taken the plane in economy coach hundred times, we have observed that once a passenger has adopted a seat incline, it is rare that he make a change, except if requested by Flight attendant for safety reason or to enjoy a meal, which you probably don’t want to miss too.

You should try to adjust the height of your cowzi in order to balance the pressure on your front and your chin equitably. Try to add or reduce the pressure of both pillows. By inflating the arm pillow only at 3/4 of the volume for example, you can reduce the height of your arm position and increase the incline position of your upper body slightly towards the front seat.

Comfort is appreciated differently by everyone. We noticed that inserting the courtesy pillow under your thighs or between the seat and the lower part of your back will help you to find a good relaxing position on the cowzi. The temperature is sometime cool overnight, so be sure not to wake up because you are feeling cold. Eye masks or ear pads may also be used.

Normally yes, unless directed otherwise by the flight attendant for safety reasons.

Yes, you can use headphones of any size while enjoying your cowzi. Furthermore, the face cocoon is designed to darken your rest zone and give you privacy. You can also wear a sleeping mask. And by laying your smartphone or you tablet on the arms pillow, you can watch videos or play games while resting!

Yes, the detachable face cover can be put in the wash machine at low temperature using a gentle program. The two pillows, the plate and the bag can be washed with warm water using a soft rag.

Due to the flocking surface, a special process must be applied to repair a leak. Multiple tutorials are available on youtube showing in details how to proceed.

As an example : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1f8uYNWfiw

You are also welcome to contact us if you need directives : contact@cowzi.com

Cowzi is made out of PVC, an extremely strong polymer thermoplastic and proven material that is best suited for the purpose of the product. The manufacturing process used in the production of the cowzi allows optimal quality in order to obtain a product with a maximized lifespan.

PVC is recyclable using special process. The type of material and an encouragement to recycle will be clearly indicated on the packaging.

As a thermoplastic, PVC has long molecules with “side chains” that are difficult to break down. The durable, flexible nature of PVC plastic makes it a great option for inflatable product.

cowzi is made up of multiple parts. The manufacturing process involves the cooperation of several suppliers. Delays can’t be completely ruled out, especially under special circumstances like the current pandemic. We take all possible measures to minimize this risk. Shipping: Delivery time will vary depending on the region and location we’re shipping to. While we make every effort to ensure prompt delivery, some delays might be beyond our control during the shipping process. Defective products: while we take every measure to ensure a perfect product, no production process is 100% perfect. Should you receive a defective product, please contact us at once and we’ll send you a replacement.


Premium quality

Free delivery

In Switzerland

2 year warranty

In case of problem with your cowzi, contact us at warranty@cowzi.com.

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